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The Cecilian Organ

Christian Raimo’s improvisation performance in the technical and phonic test of the instrument.

Carlo Vegezzi Bossi builds and completes in 1901 the orchestra organ of 3721 pipes for the "Institute of the blind" in Milan. Placed in the famous Barozzi room which hosts up to 210 seats, the organ builder became famous for the technique he adopted: the fusion of European organ taste (French, German and Italian). The success was such that the commissions came from all over the world, including America: a thousand organs! Some of his most significant tools that have come down to us are found in the church of St. Antonio in Arma di Taggia (IM), in the Sanctuary of Caravaggio (BG), in Santa Maria Maggiore in Bergamo, in the Basilica of the Saint of Padua and the large organ of the Cathedral of Aosta.


At the console, Christian Raimo tries out the timbres and sound mixes.

Conservation restoration: organ builder ALESSANDRO GIACOBAZZI.



Mobile electric console on the stage in the concert all.

3 61-note keyboards

32 note pedalboard

75 registers

3721 rods

Second independent console in the choir for the liturgical service of the church.

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