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Maestro Raimo's works in the Liturgical World.

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Mr. Raimo designed the musical liturgy for catholic
archbishops and cardinals celebrations.



Mr Raimo curated the celebrations for the Catholic Church

and bishops.

2003. Milan

Christian Raimo has been accredited by the liturgical office of

the Archdiocese "Curia di Milan" as unique musical curator of the CEI convention.

Christian Raimo a veteran musical liturgical organizer with more than 10'000 celebrations.

500 churches including 174 in the city of Milan

500 contemporary and historical pipe organs of Italian and German craftsmanship.

15,008 sounds: dimension of the largest pipe organ played in Milan Cathedral.

Interpreter and choir director, with the majestic organ of the Duomo of Milan, for the celebrations of the Italian State Police, law enforcement and Police association and Cardinals the Chiesa Universale.

Pipe organ with 15.800 sounds

Christian Raimo performed with the splendid organs of the basilica of Santa Maria della Passione in Milan.

Pipe organ with 5.000 sounds

Performer and musical interpreter of the Mentasti organ at the basilica of S. Marco in Milan.

The same organ was played by Mozart, Ponchielli and Padre Davide Da Bergamo.

Performer and musical interpreter of the Balbiani pipe organ Vegezzi Bossi at basilica of

S. Ambrogio in Milan.

Pipe organ with 3.500 sounds

Performer and musical interpreter of Mascioni organ

at the basilica of S. Angelo in Milan.

Pipe organ with 4.000 sounds

Christian Raimo curated the catholic musical liturgy of Sanremo Festival's performers.


Celebrate the bishop, Careggio Maria Alberto.

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