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Studio del Maestro Raimo

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Professori e Maestri con titolo di Stato del Conservatorio di Musica italiano MIUR

Musical Training
The experience with art is an encounter with elegance: it involves you, it transforms you. The exclusivity of playing is the expression of one's way of being in intellectual freedom, that is: free from conditioning. With Music the sensitivity, style and taste of the person are refined: well-being at 360 ° for your mind, your body. A concert of synapses and neuro-receptor activity where, through the universal heritage of our works of art, we can discover ourselves and see the world from other positions. Music is playing, "to play" with culture. Christian Raimo.

€ 320.00 + iva*  /  EXCLUSIVE AFTERNOON

Y O U 

exclusive musical afternoon with

4 grand pianos

Christian Raimo, maestro with a state title from the Conservatory of Music G. Verdi di Milano IT MIUR.

1 student
atelier of the artist

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Experience An experience in Music through 4 keyboard instruments. An exclusive meeting with Maestro Raimo to play with 4 hands, compose and learn the secrets of musical art.

Ancora 1

1 student

4 grand pianos

h 3 max 

atelier of the artist

grand pianos KAWAY FURCHT

grand pianos YAMAHA

spinet traversa WITTMAYER

clavichord WITTMAYER

Musical works of excellent international editions in print and virtual. Audio Library of International Music Literature:

  • 3,000 audio works in CD and virtual media

  • 200 albums "The Master's Voice"

Apple computer service and internet.

Technical, theoretical and essayist library:

  • UTET encyclopedia

  • counterpoint

  • fuga 

  • composition

  • harmony

  • international piano and organ schools