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Maestro Raimo curated tailored musical liturgies for  

The musical master of ceremonies is an innovative figure born in Italy with Maestro Raimo and on the model of the "musical liturgical minister" or director of the musical chapel of places of worship.

The Mo., former curator mus. of the liturgies for the CEI and the Eminent Catholic cardinals (e.g. Card. Carlo Maria Martini at the Milan Cathedral) and the State Police, is called by Franca Sozzani (director of Vogue Italia) to organize the private family ceremony at the Sanctuary "Sacro Cuore" of the famous city of songs and flowers: Sanremo. From that moment the figure of the Maestro enters the homes of Italian families such as Mrs. Marta Marzotto, the entrepreneur and magnate Gianmarco Moratti, the television personality and presenter Paolo Limiti, the Hon. Italian Senator Franco Servello, the Mrs. Falcks, Princess Bona Borromeo and many famous people.


He writes to the newspaper "LA REPUBBLICA": "Marriage and funerals, the Master who creates tailor-made notes" dedicating an entire page to him. The Mo. which helps priests to coordinate and organize the liturgy. The missing person: the deserted and attentive interface between the clergy, families, agencies or wedding planners.


The Master says: << I prepare the spouses to live their love with a ritual and not to pretend in a film >>. Christian Raimo, in addition to offering various exclusive services, is a character who interfaces only, alone, with the parish priest, prepares liturgical music with a musical chapel of artists and orchestra professors and, for those who wish, also soloists of international fame. With his colleagues, but always personally with the person in charge of the place hosting the event, he coordinates the supplies of agencies or wedding planners or florists for places of worship such as S. Giorgio in Portofino, the Duomo of Milan, etc. And again on the covers of the whole world "AMMATURO, FABULOUS WEDDING" where Maestro Raimo, with the Ave Maria sung by the artist Andrea Bocelli, is careful to prepare everything in detail.

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