The liturgical musical service is the organization of music in civil and religious celebrations. It is activated by directly appointing a liturgical minister (the Maestro) assisted by professors, with the title of State issued by the Conservatories of Music of the Italian Republic and by the Pontifical Institutes. From the thought of Maestro Luigi Molfino "Honorary degree in sacred music received by John Paul II", it is Christian Raimo (his pupil) who in 2000 conceives and organizes for the first time in Italy: the "Professional Musical Liturgical Service for civil and religious ceremonies" in compliance with the canons of the UNIVERSAL CHURCH and the rules of the Italian State; the regular employment contract of the church artist; the artist's Code of Ethics published by MCS and distributed by the iBooks store.


The direction of the musical interventions in the celebration. It is composed of works of musical literature aimed at honoring the rite under the direction of the Master and his artists, ministers, the president (the celebrant) and the assembly.

The Maestro is the guide for choosing the repertoire according to liturgical norms, readings, booklet and customs of behavior during and before the s. Mass.

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Since 2000 on the whole territory of Milan and neighborhood. Italy and abroad: on request.

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